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Digital Signage

OGNR’s Digital Signage System is a set of tools developed specifically for the Racing community. As a technology platform, it includes core products that are easily extended or integrated with other OGNR systems.

OGNR’s media player software supports messages in nearly any digital form. Media Players can work singularly or grouped as part of an overall Signage Network. The OGNR Content Management System provides for local, remote or OGNR support administration (including monitoring and reporting) and handles the distribution of content to media players.

The Signage System displays:

  • Real-time Scratches & Changes
  • Next Up Race
  • Minutes To Post
  • Alerts
  • Advertisements & Promotions
  • News Tickers

The OGnR Signage Solution may use either OGNR’s proprietary software or be integrated into most standard digital signage software systems.

When installed with OGNR’s Race Information and Program Kiosks, simulcast facilities now have the industry’s most robust advertising, marketing and information platform enabling advertisers and sponsors both video, print and couponing.