Program Kiosks

Operations and Service

OGNR owns and operates more program kiosks perhaps more than any other operator. We value the customer experience greater than any single attribute of the business. Thus, the bedrock of the OGNR solution is Service. We have a comprehensive understanding of all points of potential system failure (file delivery, track cancellations and calendar changes, network, server, power surges, paper jams, supplies, printer maintenance, coin mechs, etc.) and have developed operational best practices for prevention.

OGNR works with clients to optimize operating performance in accordance with a mutually developed operations and service specification. The cornerstones are built around:

  • Pre-Race Day QC / Preemptive Maintenance / Alerts. Before your race day begins, OGNR staff has remotely checked the operating state of each network device, its respective content and will notify designated personnel of any issues we're unable to remotely correct. If a unit goes off-line, the system receives automated alerts.
  • Printer Supplies and Maintenance Kit Monitoring. Only OGNR offers the ability to remotely manage toner settings, view toner cartridge levels and maintenance kit usage levels for preemptive maintenance of critical points of failure and supply cost management.
  • On-Call Race Day Support. OGnR support personnel are on call throughout each race day for remote support and troubleshooting. If an issue cannot be corrected remotely, OGnR will notify and support a designated member of your on-site staff. Augmenting the service solution is: an inventory of hot spares/parts; and, on-call third-party service repair groups.

"OGN customer service is great. Questions and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively."
— Linda Arnoldi, Canterbury Park

"I've worked with the other program kiosk provider. The fundamental difference? OGN staff is great to work with and always address issues quickly. We are a very happy customer."
— Jess, Winners, Brunswick, ME