Program Kiosks

Hardware and Enclosures

Only OGNR offers both off-the-shelf and design-build your own system solution.

Design Your Own On-Demand Program Print System™

OGNR helps you to design the solution which best fits your needs.

  1. It begins with OGNR's core operating system. OGNR's operating system is available for license under a variety of flexible business models.
  2. OGNR provides professional services to help define business, product, operating and system objectives and requirements to best meet your goals.
  3. Product Design-Build. We'll help you understand which hardware options best fit your needs from a capital, maintenance and cost of operation perspective. You may choose to have OGNR build or help you design-source directly.
  4. Feature Options. OGnR offers optional feature configuration with a variety of add-on interactive Race Information and Marketing options. These options are available as upgrades at any time. Moreover, OGnR will work with you to integrate your existing application or develop custom applications.