Program Kiosks

PP Programs, Tip Sheets and Other Content Document Production

Program Variety and Licensing

OGn Racing offers the widest variety of PP products, formats and customization. Whether you produce your own and/or license from a multiple of PP provider products/formats (Incompass, DRF, etc.), the OGnR system automates their timely delivery. Operators may choose to license directly from source vendors (preferred) or license through OGnR. Products include, but are not limited to:

  • Whole Card
  • Single Race
  • Overnights/Profile Sheets
  • Tip Sheets
  • Product Bundling
  • Other Documents - Whether Sports, Calendar, Marketing or regulatory required information, OGNR will enable its delivery in accordance with requirements

Program Customization and Integrated Advertising

From custom covers - to populating empty white space with unique information (e.g., take outs, etc.) – to advertising and couponing, OGnR and its partners (e.g., Incompass) offer the capability to automate product customization.

International Formats

Spanish and Portuguese are currently offered by Incompass and other providers.